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Values Management in the Real Estate Sector

A Guide

Download of the Guide  (PDF)

Uncompromising compliance with the law,  the binding nature of professional standards and the adherence to ethical values are the cornerstones of a  professional culture in the entire creation of wealth chain of the real estate economy. Sustainable commercial success and the good reputation of the sector are based on this. In order to consolidate and further develop such a business culture, the Institute for Corporate Governance in the German Real Estate
Industry recommends the following values management system to its members and all companies in the Real Estate market. It is based on principles that develop and establish the driving forces and the standards of conduct for such a management system. Instruments and specific implementation measures for the implementation of these principles in actual everyday commercial life are summarised in five basic elements and in recommendations. Adherence to these principles and the realisation of the requirements and recommendations of the five basic elements form a guide in accordance with which all enterprises in the real estate economy can assess their past activities in the sphere of values management and develop these for the future.